Free Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Jackson, MS

Having your check engine light come on is one of the most frustrating and confusing issues for vehicle owners. What does it even mean when your check engine light comes on? There are several things that can cause your check engine light to come on, but with Coleman Taylor Transmissions in Jackson, MS, you no longer have to fear that dreaded orange light!

A flashing check engine light indicates a serious engine problem, which can include engine misfire, very low oil pressure, or engine overheating. If your engine overheats, your catalytic converter can be damaged by bad spark plugs, ignition system or compression problems. A solid orange light is often a sigh your car needs maintenance or there is an emissions problem, such as a loose gas cap.

Next time your check engine light comes on, simply bring your vehicle to Coleman Taylor Transmissions auto repair shop in Jackson, MS, and our friendly, ASE Certified Technicians will be happy to diagnose your check engine light for FREE! Your safety on the road is of utmost importance to us, and the check engine light is a warning that something is about to go wrong. Don’t wait to find out what’s about to break, bring your vehicle to Coleman Taylor Transmissions today and we’ll get you back on the road quickly and easily!